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Jewelry Trends and How To Care For Your Gems at Home
2012-03-01 10:24:56
By Kristie Nicolosi

After watching the Oscars on Sunday night, once thing is clear, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. There were gorgeous diamonds sparkling from many a neck, wrist, finger and ear. And I mean sparkling!

My favorite look was Natalie Portman, whose v-shaped diamond necklace was a perfect complement to her strapless, red gown. While her oval diamond drop earrings in platinum dazzled in contrast with her dark hair and eyes.

I thought Penelope Cruz simply shone in a diamond and platinum necklace and earrings. Who knew 71 carats-worth of diamonds could look so elegant and understated?

Cameron Diaz’s emerald-cut diamond necklace was another stunner, as were her diamond stud earrings, both from Tiffany & Co.

And the fabulous diamond cuff adorning Gwyneth Paltrow’s wrist looked amazing set against her column dress with cape. The cream dress and the colorless diamonds, allowed the shape of the dress and cuff to make the statement. Stunning.

While we look to the red carpet for trends that will influence fashion for the season, in reality most us won’t have access to jewelry such as this. Even the stars borrow their bling from Hollywood’s hottest jewelers! But that doesn’t mean the styles from the Oscars won’t be found on women everywhere. You may not have Penelope’s 57-carat necklace, but a beautiful tennis bracelet makes quite a statement too.

Whether you are digging in your jewelry box for diamond long unworn, or donning a favorite you wear all the time, you will want to make sure your piece is clean and sparkling. While diamonds are very strong, proper care and cleaning is essential to keeping them looking beautiful.

Diamonds lose their sparkle when dirt and grime build up on the surface. You can minimize this build-up by removing your jewelry when exercising, gardening, cleaning, swimming and when applying hair products, lotions and sunscreen.

But no matter how careful you are, your diamond jewelry will get dirty. The best way to clean your diamonds is to soak them in a fine jewelry cleaning formulary. These products are specially formulated to be safe for diamonds and their metal settings. Through soaking, the dirt, oils and grime that have built up on the stones will be washed away. After removing it from the cleaning formula, simply wipe the piece with a polishing cloth to bring back the shine on the stone and metal. This can be safely done as often as daily.

You may have friends and family who own an ultrasonic machine for at-home jewelry cleaning. I strongly discourage you from using these machines. They clean by way of sound vibrations, and while these vibrations do remove dirt and oils, they can also loosen your diamonds from their setting. When you feel your diamond jewelry needs cleaning beyond an at-home cleaning formula, take it to your jeweler for an inspection and professional cleaning.

Still basking in the glow and glamour from Oscar night, I can’t wait to wear some of my favorite diamonds this season. How will you interpret the Oscar trends in your jewelry wardrobe?

Kristie Nicolosi is the President & CEO of The Kingswood Company

All images courtesy of: www.sawfnews.com/fashion and The Kingswood Company