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Enamel Jewelry as Art From New York based St. Kilda
2012-03-19 11:07:30
By Carole Dixon

Russian born Nora Kogan grew up in Melbourne, Australia in the once seedy, yet colorful and diverse neighborhood of St. Kilda. Kogan’s Mother collected jewelry and by the age of 13 her daughter was also obsessed with the baubles that were smuggled from the old country into the new neighborhood.

After stints living in Europe and Japan, Kogan also studied in Israel, in a town called Tsfat, known for its artist colony and as the birthplace of Kabalah. It was then and there she realized that she wanted to be a jewelry designer which led to a goldsmithing studies at Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology. “I wanted to learn the technical aspects of making jewelry. I don't believe you can design something without an intimate understanding of how it's constructed.”

Now based in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, New York, Kogan’sSt. Kildastore includes her collections of wedding rings for men and women plus the new Bengali Collection with ‘tigga’ and ‘paw’ earrings. Kogan gathered inspiration from late Dada and surrealist guru Man Ray for her statement enamel lip cuffs in red, pink, yellow and green. Another popular staple appears to be her ‘matchstick’ earrings and broches in 18K with pave diamonds. Ranging from $100 to over $1,000, the men are well represented here too with cufflink designs that span the new lines.“I can't imagine anything more gratifying than making something and finding an audience for it,” says Kogan.

St. Kilda jewelry can also be found at ABC Carpet & Home just north of Union Square in Manhattan and at Fred Segal – Nina in Santa Monica.