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It's a Silver Lining for Newport Jewelers Black, Starr & Frost
2013-04-15 20:21:23
By Carole Dixon

A long-standing reputable store front in the O.C. at high-end South Coast Plaza, Black, Starr & Frost has not only relocated to a stand alone showroom by the Newport Coast harbor in recent years, but they have launched a new, competitively priced line of signature sterling jewelry while keeping the top-notch quality.

The store is impressive with case after case of diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire pieces that have put the brand on the map and have also made their gems a Hollywood favorite among socialites and celebrities for the Red Carpet. Other wall cases hold mid-18th Century silver pieces, an Art Deco brooch from a Sotheby’s Auction and other antiques including a clock from the 1913 World’s Fair in New York and a bejeweled cocktail bag owned by Wallis Simpson’s sister. “It’s not just that you are surrounded by beautiful things and that people are happy when they come into to see you, a person buying a $100,000 necklace usually has a pretty interesting story to tell.”
President, Nelson Holdo, comments on the new line,“We had the $10,000 price point very well covered but we really wanted people to be able to give a gift of Black, Starr & Frost for whatever the occasion might be. It also gives us an opportunity to meet younger clients. “ This endeavor was Nelson’s pet project. “From my perspective, I needed a reason for people to come in on a regular basis as we are in the relationship business. It’s not about making that one big sale, but about that ongoing relationship.”

Whether a graduation, birthday, anniversary, thank you gift or special occasion, the line offers everything from sterling key-chains, to pens, picture frames, chunky chain bracelets, bangles with a ‘bamboo’ motif, necklaces, and stacking-rings with different colored stones -all priced from just over $100 to $1,000 and in many cases under $500.

“Jewelry has an emotional connotation that reminds you of a certain time and place and the person who gave it to you,” states Nelson. None-the-less, this is a price point that should be favored by many customers old and new for any occasion. “It’s fascinating, the people that you meet in this business, continues Nelson, We’ve become confidants, psychologist and marital counselors, you’re helping your clients celebrate life.”