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Fashion & Beauty
The New Nail Bling at Mars the Salon in LA
2012-08-16 11:09:20
By Carole Dixon

Besides eyelash extensions and spray tans, one of the most popular beauty treatments to hit the salons in the past few years has been gel nails. A new salon from Tokyo has recently opened off Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and they are taking this nail care regime to an art level.

The atmosphere in the former art gallery is sparse, serene and more like visiting a neighborhood spa.  Mars The Salon Los Angeles adheres to the Japanese cultural tradition of “treasuring every encounter” by warmly welcoming each guest and delivering an exemplary level of attentiveness. First you are taken to a small private room seated in a leather spa lounge chair with a cup of green tea. You can opt to relax and watch the flat screen television or just kick back and listen to music. The soft gels promotes nail health are painstakingly applied one coat at a time and then your hand is put under a mini-ultra-light-dryer. This process takes over one hour but your nails will look freshly manicured for up to one month.  The staff can match any color and uses custom pigments. Yes, there are other salons around town who offer gel service but not with the extra added art bonus in such great detail. Once your base is done, a tiny paintbrush is used to display your artistic vision which is chosen from a huge book of color, pattern and texture options. Sparking glitter and gold dots are popular as are the ‘Swarovski’ style colored stones. One nail design features a whole cluster of multi-colored stones like a crown surrounding the entire outer nail base.

Thanks to a built-in porcelain foot bath, you can simultaneously experience a pedicure while your nails are drying. This is a great service before a wedding since you don’t have to worry about your nails chipping for several weeks, and the salon works on both men and women.