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Fashion & Beauty
24 Karat Gold: The Most Decadent Facial in Beverly Hills Starts with the Feet
2015-01-05 09:41:12
By Carole Dixon

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa on Dayton Way in Beverly Hills has been a fixture in the local beauty scene for decades. Known for age defying facial techniques and fine tunning the faces of the famous, Madonna reportedly is a fan of the oxygen facials and has been known to have at least two a week when stateside.

Just in time for the Red Carpet season, the salon staple has expanded and opened a second Beauty Lounge next door which will house products and stations for nails and hair care. The most lavish treatment at the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge is the 90-miute 24-Karat Gold Foot Facial. For $300 your feet will be pampered and so will your palate with Champagne, strawberries and truffle chocolates.

What takes 90 minutes and costs hundreds of dollars you might be asking? Well, first the feet are treated to a thorough microdermabrasion to remove the dead skin with a Clarisonic handheld machine and pedi-peel products. This also aids in circulation and reduces inflammation – very important when squeezing into those high heeled Louboutins. Next is a dry scrub, exfoliant and mud mask by Ice Dancer. This will leave your foot and calves tingling. Following that stimulation is a relaxing foot cream called Fire Walker. After the rich and creamy Body Butter is absorbed into your skin, the 24 Karat anti-aging serum – which is a facial quality level, will be applied to the feet. Lastly, a full pedicure is performed then your toe nails are painted with an array of colors or glittery shades. Your feet will feel as smooth as a baby and ready to rock the red carpet with confidence and comfort.